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  • The ABCs of Vitamin C
    A as in Ascorbic Acid Ascorbic acid is just another name for vitamin C, which is one of the so-called “essential nutrients.” These are nutrients that are necessary for our bodies Read more
  • What are the advantages of dental implants?
    Losing a tooth can affect a lot more than just the look of your smile. Missing teeth affect your ability to chew and can also cause problems for your other Read more
  • The Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco
    Many smokers believe that chewing tobacco is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. This simply isn't the case! In fact, smokeless tobacco can cause serious health concerns. Smokeless tobacco comes in Read more
  • Benefits of Implant Dentures
    How implant-supported dentures from your dentists in Skillman, NJ, can rebuild your smile. Are you tired of wearing dentures that never seem to fit well, or move around when you speak Read more
  • Hot Day? Three Drinks to Leave Home When You’re Packing the Cooler
    Whew! It’s a hot one! And whenever the temperature soars, you need to stay hydrated, especially when you’re outside or exercising. But all cold drinks aren’t equal when it comes Read more
  • How do I care for my dental implant?
    Dental implants are designed to be strong and durable, able to withstand the everyday rigors of chewing and biting, but to keep them functioning the way they should and looking Read more
  • Does the placement of implants hurt?
    If you're scheduled to get a dental implant, it's only natural to have questions about it. The pain involved is usually on the mind of most patients. Of course, some Read more
  • Can my body reject my dental implant?
    According to the International Congress of Oral Implantologists it is rare that your body will reject your dental implants. However, this does not mean that your dental implant will not Read more
  • Teeth Whitening For a Bright Summer
    Summer brings sunshine and warm weather, and many of our patients begin thinking about brightening their smiles this time of year. A whiter smile is one just one visit away Read more
  • Happy Fourth of July
    Every year, Americans all over the world celebrate the birth of the country and its independence on the Fourth of July. There are countless ways that people celebrate and they Read more
  • What is gum recession?
    Gum (gingival) recession occurs when gums recede from the tops of the teeth enough to expose sensitive roots. People typically experience increased sensitivity to sugary or cold foods when gums Read more
  • Zirconia Dental Implants
    Since dental implants first started being implemented in the 1980s, they have been primarily made of titanium. Recent advances in implant technology have allowed dental implant manufacturers to shift from Read more
  • Signs of Sleep Apnea
    Sleep apnea not only affects the quality of your sleep but can also increase your risk of developing heart disease. Drs. Aparna Chawla and Mary Decicco, who offer affordable dentistry Read more
  • What Are Dental Implant Crowns?
    How dental implant crowns from your dentists in Skillman, NJ, can restore your smile beautifully Dental implants offer the most natural-looking, naturally-functioning tooth replacement available today. In fact, dental implants are Read more
  • When Do I Need an Emergency Dentist?
    Although preventative measures maintain our overall dental health, sometimes we have to tend to dental emergencies that occur. Dr. Aparna Chawla and Dr. Mary DeCicco offer thorough, compassionate care at Read more
  • Brighten Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening
    Are you tired of your dark, dingy smile? Would you like to brighten it but worry about the safety of Sri over the counter products? At SRI Dental, Dr. Chawla Read more

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