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Brighten Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you tired of your dark, dingy smile? Would you like to brighten it but worry about the safety of Sri over the counter products? At SRI Dental, Dr. Chawla and Dr. Decicco offer Princeton, NJ, area patients professional teeth whitening. Take our kit home, and have a smile whiter by several shades!

The causes of dental stains

Age has something to do with how white your smile is. Over time, enamel thins, exposing the yellow dentin beneath.

Also, as years go on, organic matter accumulates in the calcified matrix of your tooth surfaces. Tobacco smoke, food, beverages--even some medicines--darken and dull your smile. Even the best of brushing, flossing, and in-office cleanings don't improve it.

The good news of teeth whitening

At SRI Dental, your professional team offers many cosmetic dentistry services that improve smile appearance, giving patients the refreshed, youthful looks they desire. Teeth whitening is our most popular because it's very cost-effective, and it works. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) says professional whitening is the most popular aesthetic service in the United States.

Because our dentists pre-qualify you with a complete oral exam, you know your mouth is healthy enough for whitening. You won't experience any dental or gingival sensitivity or soreness--just the bright teeth you want.

How it works

Your dentist provides you with teeth-whitening trays customized to fit your teeth snugly. At home, you'll fill the trays every day with a special hydrogen peroxide gel and wear them for a specified amount of time. In several days, you'll finish your applications to reveal a smile up to four shades brighter.

Plus, here's a bonus you may not be aware of. All the teeth whitening proceeds at SRI Dental in Princeton go to Smiles for Life. This wonderful foundation helps children have the oral health and dental care they deserve.

Keep it beautiful

After you finish your whitening procedure, practice consistently good oral hygiene habits. Stop smoking, and avoid all tobacco products. Drink your coffee and tea with a straw when possible, and limit dark and acidic foods. Finally, see your dentist and hygienist at SRI Dental for a check-up and cleaning every six months. They may recommend a whitening touch-up occasionally, too.

Contact us

SRI Dental offers many cosmetic dentistry treatments. Why not arrange a consultation with Dr. Chawla or Dr. Decicco and see which one is right for you? It may be teeth whitening. Phone our Princeton area office at (609) 921-7744.

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